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Location RAC: Maintenance, Last Updated on 8/10/2018
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Welcome to Adobe GoLive 6
Image: Welcome to the Maintenance Department's website
Welcome to the Maintenance Department's website

Thank you for visiting Safford Unified School District's Maintenance Department website.

We are located at 1185 S. 14th Avenue, Safford, AZ 85546. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 928-348-7090.

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The Mission of the Safford Unified School District's Maintenance Department is to maintain, repair and support the daily operations of all facilities, insuring a safe and comfortable environment for all students, staff and visitors.


From cleaning classrooms to performing skilled maintenance work, classified employees ensure that our schools are safe and comfortable places for students to learn. The services we provide positively impact the education of approximately 3100 students and staff.

SUPERVISOR: Phillip Nelson

ASSISTANT: Stuart Skinner

Dorothy Stinson School: Frank Gutierrez
Lafe Nelson School: David Aguilar
Ruth Powell School: Robyn Della-Pietra
Safford High School: Jimmy Vasquez
Safford Middle School: Joe Delgado

In addition to keeping facilities clean and performing daily maintenance tasks, Day Custodians are the first to arrive on campus to unlock gates, open restrooms, turn off alarms and make sure the buildings are safe and clean for students, staff and visitors.

Performs cleaning maintenance at the Center for the Arts on an as needed basis.

GROUNDSKEEPING: Maintains all athletic fields and playgrounds, gardening and lawn care, tree trimming, mowing, weed control, irrigation, fertilizing and picking up litter.

Repairs and maintains all buildings inside and out including but not limited to plumbing, doors, windows, roofing, flooring, painting, graffiti and vandalism, etc.


The responsibility of maintaining the District's facilities requires a wide range of services and expertise from our Classified staff. We provide facilities management, general maintenance and repair, preventive maintenance, custodial support, groundskeeping and weed and pest management services to all building sites throughout the District, supporting:

* 36 permanent structures
* Over 458,000 square feet of schools and buildings
* 117 restrooms (does not include stalls)
* Approximately 1,000 work orders are completed yearly

The buildings maintained and utilized range in age from being built in 1930 (old bus barn at Safford Middle School) to the most recent addition at Mt. Graham High School in 2005 and the Center For The Arts in 2007.

We also pride ourselves in the work which goes unnoticed. Adhering to the Arizona School Facilities Board Preventive Maintenance Program, preventative maintenance is performed year round on all school facilities to reduce major unscheduled repairs.


The Maintenance Department runs on a Work Order system. A Work Order must be submitted before any work can be scheduled. Work Orders are addressed and completed based on priority. Please be advised, if you have a condition that is presenting an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or staff, please contact us immediately via telephone.

Once a Work Order is submitted and approved by the Maintenance Supervisor, a copy of the Work Order is provided to the appropriate staff for completion. Work Orders are completed as quickly, efficiently and cost effectively as possible. The Maintenance Department completes approximately 1,000 work orders a year!

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