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Location RAC: Superintendent, Last Updated on 7/2/2015
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Thank you for your interest in Safford Schools.

Mr. Ken VanWinkle, Superintendent of Schools
The Superintendent is hired by the Governing Board to oversee the educational programs and operations of the school district.

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Superintendent Message

We are so happy to have Mr. Ken VanWinkle here as our new superintendent! It will be a great opportunity to work with him and get to know him. To help you become a little more familiar with him, here is some information about him:

He was born and raised in Globe until Christmas of his junior year of high school when his family moved to Snowflake. He graduated from Snowflake High School in 1976. After high school he attended EAC for a semester and played baseball. He married his best friend's little sister, Roni Gibson! They went to NAU where he obtained a BS in Education, with a dual major: Special Education/Elementary Education. After he graduated they went to Snowflake where he was hired as a 6th grade teacher. He spent 12 years teaching 6th grade, serving as Jr. High counselor, teaching Jr. High special education, Jr. High PE, and 5th grade. He also coached Varsity Volleyball, JV Baseball, and Frosh Football. During that time he also spent his summers obtaining his MA in Counseling, then received his Principal certificate, and finally his Superintendent Certificate.

Further experiences include being hired as Assistant Principal/Athletic Director at Show Low High School and working there for three years, also coaching Volleyball during that time. He then applied for and was hired in Snowflake as a principal of a 4-6 school, then a year later took over as Snowflake High School principal. The Show Low High School principal position came available, and he was hired and worked there for three years before applying for and being hired as Superintendent in the Heber-Overgaard School District. He has really enjoyed his experiences in education and is so excited to begin this new phase as part of the Safford Schools TEAM.

Image: Welcome to Safford Schools...
Welcome to Safford Schools...

Safford Unified School District No. 1 is a fiscally independent, tax supported public school system for grades preschool through twelve.

Located 120 miles Northeast of Tucson and 150 miles East of Phoenix, Arizona, SUSD rests at the base of Mt. Graham.

A staff of 164 certificated employees plus 167 support personnel and fourteen administrators serves 3000 students on a school calendar of 180 instructional days. The district owns 156 acres of real estate. It operates 21 buses and other vehicles for activities on 850 miles of daily routes. Students are accommodated in six schools made up of 33 buildings. The general budget is approximately $14 million.

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