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Documents For Your Use...

  ADE Connect  
  Title   Description
ADE Connect / AZ Dash Access Directions ADE Connect / AZ Dash Access Directions File Not Uploaded

  Title   Description
Student Chromebook Troubleshooting How to see extensions that have been downloaded Student Chromebook TroubleshootingFile Not Uploaded

  Title   Description
K-1 Teachers - Printing Badges Directions on Printing Clever Badges for K-1 Students File Not Uploaded

  Title   Description
Google Hangouts 101 How to use Google Hangouts. 3/2014 File Not Uploaded
Working with Tasks in Gmail Gmail-Working with Tasks 9/2016File Not Uploaded
Removing G-Mail Notification Instructions how to remove G-Mail Notifier 3/2014File Not Uploaded
Recommended Labs Learn about Labs in Google Mail and Calendar- Recommended Labs 9/2016File Not Uploaded

  Google Apps  
  Title   Description
Productivity Guide for Google Apps GREAT resources to make the most of using Google Apps. Productivity Guide for Google Apps File Not Uploaded
Logging into Google Click for directions on how to log into your Google account. How to Log in to Google AccountFile Not Uploaded
Tutorials for Using Google As we move into Google and Cloud Computing, all help files and videos will be stored in the Cloud. Links to these documents and videos are now located on the Favorite Links page under Google Apps. Click on Favorite Links to be directed here now. 8/10/11 File Not Uploaded
STAFF Google Campus Training Google security presentation to keep your data safe. 11/17/14 STAFF Google Campus TrainingFile Not Uploaded
STUDENT Google Campus Training Google security presentation to keep your data safe. 11/17/14 STUDENT Google Campus TrainingFile Not Uploaded

  Google Calendar  
  Title   Description
Calendar--Creating & Connecting a Public Google Calendar to your Teacher Website Calendar Button This document will lead you through creating new Google Calendars, making them public, and connecting your new calendar to your SUSD Teacher Website CALENDAR BUTTON. 8/2/13 Google Calendars Public and Linking to Teacher Webpage.pdf
File Size: 1.60 MB

  Google Drive  
  Title   Description
Leaving SUSD? What Should You Do With Your Files Use these directions to help you change ownership of your files to someone else in SUSD, or to move your files out of Google Drive and into another storage option. 5/2015File Not Uploaded
Navigate your Google Drive Click for help on how to navigate your Google Drive. 3/2014File Not Uploaded
Shared folders in Google Drive How to organize folders shared with you. 3/2014File Not Uploaded
About "Shared with me" in Google Drive Pull up files, folders, and Google Docs that collaborators have directly shared with you in Google Drive. Shared with meFile Not Uploaded
Create or delete a folder in Google Drive Folders make it easy to organize all of your files and Google Docs in Google Drive. 3/2014File Not Uploaded
Search your Google Drive Use the search box at the top of Google Drive on the web to find files, folders and Google Docs. 3/2014File Not Uploaded
K-2 Document Sharing Instead of Student Accounts Use these directions on how to SHARE links to documents on your Teacher Page so students can easily click on them to work on them. 9/15 File Not Uploaded
Saving File in Two Different Folders Sometimes you want to save a file in two different folders in Google Drive, but not have two different copies of the same thing. A simple SHIFT + Z allows you to place a single file in multiple folders. Here is an article explaining more. Here is an article explaining more. 1/14/19File Not Uploaded

  Grants and Donations  
  Title   Description
Grant Equipment / Donations of Technology These guidelines Grant Equipment / Donations of Technology clarify ownership of equipment acquired through grants like File Not Uploaded

  Internet Safety  
  Title   Description
7 Practices for Safer Computing Information on practicing safe computing 3/2014 7PRACTICES FOR SAFER COMPUTING.pdf
File Size: 0.21 MB
Net Cetera Booklet containing information on chatting with kids about being online. 3/2014 NET CETERA.pdf
File Size: 0.52 MB
Stop Think Click Learn experts’ top seven practices for safer computing, as well as some terms and remedies. 3/2014 Online Onguard Supplement.pdf
File Size: 7.22 MB

  Parent Resources  
  Title   Description
Interdisciplinary Reponse to Youth Sexting Recommendations from the Youth Online Safety Working Groups. Interdisciplinary Response to Youths Sexting.mht
File Size: 0.14 MB

  Title   Description
Network Violation Policy Policy followed if users violate the User Agreement when using the Internet. Network Violations Procedure.docx
File Size: 0.12 MB
Student Use of Chromebooks Policy Student Use of SUSD Chromebooks Policy 1/2014 File Not Uploaded
Network Usage Explanation Network User Agreement Explained 9/2016File Not Uploaded
Downloading from YouTube Illegal YouTube videos MAY NOT BE DOWNLOADED and used offline without written permission from YouTube, even for educational purposes. You can read their Terms of Service Section 4C which specifically addresses this. You can also see the SUSD YouTube Policy addressing this under Policy Downloads.File Not Uploaded
Use of Personal Devices on Campus Guidelines for use of personal devices on campus. 6/22/11 Personal Devices.docx
File Size: 91 KB
Software Donation Letter Use this letter if you are donating software to the District. Software Donation Letter.dotx
File Size: 0.11 MB
Technology User Agreement This is theTechnology User Agreement signed by students and parents. 9/2016 TECH USER AGREE 7_10.pdf
File Size: 58 KB

  Title   Description
Parent Portal Basics Public Portal Basics for accessing student grade information. 8/2019File Not Uploaded
Creating and Managing Parent Portal Accounts Information on how to Create and Manage Parent Portal Accounts 8/2019File Not Uploaded
PowerSchool Public Portal User Guide User guide from PowerSchool for the public portals 8/2019 ps12x_student_and_parent_portal_user_guide.pdf
File Size: 0.62 MB

  Title   Description
SUSD Printing Options Directions on how to Web Print, Cloud Print, or Print to an Installed Printer. 1/20/17File Not Uploaded

  Promethean ActivPanel / ActivBoard Resources  
  Title   Description
Mirroring / ActivCast using the Acon-G Directions on How to Mirror Using the Acon-G File Not Uploaded
Creating Additional Profiles on the Acon G Box Directions on how to create a substitute or student profile on your Acon G box. File Not Uploaded
ActivPanel/Board Display Resources Click Here for Interactive Display Resources Folder File Not Uploaded
Changing ActivPanel Display Settings Directions on How to Change the ActivPanel Display Settings 9/2017File Not Uploaded
Playing Google Slides with Embedded Video and Audio Directions on playing Google Slides with Embedded Video and Audio File Not Uploaded
Class Flow Youtube Playlist Link to the Camp ClassFlow Playlist. Contains recordings to short videos on various parts of Class Flow. File Not Uploaded
Using Google Slides and PowerPoint with ActivPanels Directions on using Google Slides and PowerPoint on the ActivPanels. 8/2017File Not Uploaded
Removing Google Accounts from the Acon-G Box Directions on Removing Google Accounts from the Acon-G Box File Not Uploaded
Google Play Store: Installing and Updating Apps Information on Installing and Updating Apps through the Google Play Store File Not Uploaded
SUSD Interactive Classrooms Site Website with great resources and ideas for implementing interactive technology into your classroom!
SUSD Interactive Classroom Site
File Not Uploaded

  Promethean Interactive Whiteboards  
  Title   Description
ActivInspire Basics Flipchart Use this flipchart to learn the basics of the ActivInspire software. 4/2014 ActivInspire Basics.flipchart
File Size: 2.75 MB
Promethean ActivCare How to Clean your ActivBoard 3/2014 How to Clean Promethean Boards.pdf
File Size: 5 KB
Promethean Training Promethean/ActiveInspire Training 3/2014File Not Uploaded
ActivTips ActivInpsire help from Promethean Planet 3/2014File Not Uploaded
Using Interactive Resources Basic Information on Using Interactive Resources 5/2014File Not Uploaded
ActivInspire Video Tutorials ActiveInspire Video Tutorials on Promethean Planet 5/2014File Not Uploaded
Promethean Webinars Access to Archived Promethean Webinars on YouTube. 5/2014File Not Uploaded

  Title   Description
Keep Your Account Secure on Shared Computers If you sign into a device that is used by other people, follow these steps to keep your account secure: Keep Your Account SecureFile Not Uploaded

  Smart Phones  
  Title   Description
Smart Phone Setup Instructions Use these directions for iPhone Setup or Android Setup to receive SUSD e-mail on your phone.
File Not Uploaded

  Student Tutorials  
  Title   Description
Student Laptop Guidelines Guidelines for students for usage of SUSD laptops. 3/2014 Student Equipment.pdf
File Size: 64 KB

  Technology Tips  
  Title   Description
Dynamic Paper Create your own activity sheets for the classroom based on your specifications. Want a pyramid with a pentagonal base that's three inches tall? BAM—make one in an instant! You can also make pattern blocks, number lines & grids, graph paper and more! 11/2009 Cool Dynamic Paper.pdf
File Size: 1.18 MB
Graphic Organizer Features a cool online graphic organizer. 11/2009 Cool Free On-Line Graphic Organizer (Collaborative).pdf
File Size: 1.03 MB
Science --Technology Tidbits Cool interactive science sites 11/2009 Cool Science Sites.pdf
File Size: 0.14 MB
Cool Technology Tools Tips on using some cool technology tools 2/2011 Cool Tech Tip Sheets.pdf
File Size: 1.11 MB
Training Videos Features free training videos on popular technology tools. 12/2009 Cool Training Videos.pdf
File Size: 1.11 MB
Holiday Technology Tidbits Features super holiday websites. 12/2010 Super Holiday Website Activities.pdf
File Size: 1.10 MB
Reading--Interactive Site Features cool links to an interactive reading site. 12/2009 Very Cool Interactive Reading Site!.pdf
File Size: 1.47 MB

  Title   Description
Clip Converter Free Online application which allows you to download nearly any audio or video URL to common formats. 5/2014
File Not Uploaded

  Video Conference  
  Title   Description
Video conference Request / Scheduling Form Please click on the link for information on how to schedule a distance learning event. Video conference Scheduling Information 3/2014File Not Uploaded
Planning a Video conference Teacher Checklist Use this checklist to help make the video conference event a success. 3/2014 VCPlanChecklist.doc
File Size: 52 KB
Video conference Resources List of website resources for video conferencing.3/2014 VCResources.doc
File Size: 40 KB
ITV Student Permission Form Use this permission form to get permission for your students to participate in a video conferencing event. This is optional. You can use your own district field trip forms. 3/2014 ITV Permission Form.doc
File Size: 60 KB

  Virus and Malware Information  
  Title   Description
Antivirus Virus Antivirus Virus Information
File Not Uploaded
Avoiding Malicious Email Avoiding Malicious Email
File Not Uploaded

  Title   Description
Logging onto the Web Site Directions for logging onto the web site. Includes information on how to update your hours and personal information. 1Logging onto the Web Site.doc
File Size: 0.88 MB
Clip Art on the Website Reminders about how to add clip art to the web site. Adding Clip Art to the Web Site.doc
File Size: 0.15 MB
Picture OnThe Website Reminders about how to add pictures to the web site. Adding Pictures to the Web Site.doc
File Size: 0.10 MB
Downloads These directions will step you through creating downloads. Creating a Download on the Web Site.doc
File Size: 0.45 MB
Favorite Links These directions will step you through creating favorite links. Creating a Favorite Link.doc
File Size: 0.56 MB
Photo Album These directions will step you through creating your photo album. Creating a Photo Album.doc
File Size: 1.44 MB
Front Teacher or Department Page These directions will step you through creating your home page. Creating a Teacher Page.doc
File Size: 0.81 MB
Information Page These directions will step you through creating your information page. Creating an Information Page.doc
File Size: 0.78 MB
Add Link to an Article Easily Put a Link to a PDF in an Article on Your Website. 9/20/11 Link to a PDF in an Article on Your Website.pdf
File Size: 0.15 MB
Webpage Statistics Use this information to view the number of hits your teacher or department webpage receives. Webpage Statistics.docx
File Size: 0.50 MB

  Title   Description
Download removes unwanted distractions when viewing YouTube and Vimeo. This gets rid of nuisances such as annotations and related videos. Simply copy/paste the URL of the online video into which will generate a SafeView containing only the video and some basic controls. File Not Uploaded
Creating YouTube Channel Click on this link Creating YouTube Channel to view directions on how to create your own channel in YouTube. 12/5/13File Not Uploaded
YouTube Filter Issues YouTube Filtering Issues--Clearing Your Browser History File Not Uploaded
YouTube Safety Mode Safety Mode on YouTube File Not Uploaded
Downloading from YouTube Illegal YouTube videos MAY NOT BE DOWNLOADED and used offline without written permission from YouTube, even for educational purposes. You can read their Terms of Service Section 4C which specifically addresses this. You can also see the SUSD YouTube Policy addressing this under Policy Downloads.File Not Uploaded

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