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Community Information
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    Pavers like the ones in the picture to the left are available to all alumni of Safford High School.(To see additional pavers go to the photo album button.) The pavers are placed on the two sidewalks leading to the circular sidewalk surrounding the Unity Sculpture that adorns the entrance to the south side of the SHS Campus.

    Cost of a paver is $85. The purchaser of a paver can deduct approximately $60 as a charitable donation. For ideas of what other pavers contain as text view the Memory Lane photo gallery.

    Purchasers are limited to three lines of text with no more than 16 characters per line. Any order containing more than the maximum number of lines and/or characters will be modified by the Foundation. Every time we obtain at least 5 orders we will engrave and install pavers.

    Unless designated, your contribution will be added to the Alumni Scholarship Fund. View the assorted scholarship funds and if you desire to have your contribution placed into a fund other than the Alumni Fund circle the desired fund on the order blank.

    To order a brick paver, click on the link below.

    Click here to be redirected to the link mentioned above.

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