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Location RAC: SHS Alumni, Last Updated on 8/29/2019

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    Scholarships Available
    The following fully-funded scholarships are awarded from each of these funds at the Annual SHS Scholarship Assembly in May. Scholarships are open to all SHS graduates unless noted otherwise. To donate to one of these scholarships send a check to: SHS SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION, 734 11th ST. SAFFORD, AZ 85546

    GOV AKER – Gov Aker, an avid golfer, organized the first fund-raising golf tournament for the SHS Foundation. A $1000 scholarship is awarded to one female and one male athlete who have strong academic backgrounds.

    JOHN BONEFAS – John Bonefas, one of the founders of the SHS Foundation spent 29 years at Safford High School as a teacher, coach, and administrator. John's wife Susan in conjunction with the SHS faculty started this scholarship upon his retirement in l996. The recipient of this scholarship demonstrates outstanding community service.

    SUSAN K. BONEFAS – Funding for this scholarship was started by Susan's family. She and her family moved to Safford in 1967 where she spent many years in assorted positions at the local hospital. She volunteered for many causes especially helping the elderly and sick.

    CLASS OF 1970 - Funded through donations made by members and friends of the Class of 1970.

    CLASS OF 1972 – Members of the Class of 1972 who cared deeply for SHS funded this scholarship. The recipient of this scholarship demonstrates outstanding leadership.

    CLASS of 1974 – Funded through donations of members and friends of the Class of 1974.

    WALTER CLIFFORD JR. - Funded by the Safford FFA and the Clifford Family, this scholarship recognizes the years of service Mr. Clifford provided baling hay for over 20 years as an FFA volunteer. This scholarship is awarded to a FFA student. that dedicated four years to FFA.

    TOMMY CLONTS MEMORIAL – Tommy was a member of the SHS Class of 2000. He achieved many things in his young life. His greatest wish would be for the recipient of this scholarship keep his memory alive by being kind to those that need it most. This scholarship is open to graduates in the vocational and performing arts field.

    CAROL DAVIES-CLASS OF 1960 - Carol Davies, a 1960 graduate of SHS, dedicated countless hours to the Safford and State FFA programs. Her family and classmates financed this scholarship.

    BOB FAUNCE – Bob Faunce spent much of his teaching career at Safford High School as a math teacher, coach, administrator, and athletic director.

    FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA- FBLA - Funded through the Safford FBLA Chapter. This scholarship is open to to graduates who were active members in the Safford FBLA Chapter for 3 or 4 years and displayed outstanding leadership qualities.

    FFA ALUMNI- Funded through the Safford FFA Alumni organization, this scholarship is awarded to graduates from the Safford FFA program that participated for four years.

    BRENDA BONEFAS HAWKINS - Brenda was an active member of the Class of 1984 and served as class secretary. She dedicated most of her working career to teaching. She worked diligently to assist and enable student success. She believed with effort and guidance all students could succeed.

    RALPH HAWTHORNE – A 1968 graduate from Safford High School, Ralph Hawthorne spent the last 12 years of his life as an SHS counselor. This scholarship recognizes Mr. Hawthorne’s concern, dedication and support of SHS students.

    ZEL HAWTHORNE - Zel Hawthorne served as a DECA teacher at Safford High School for 17 years leading students to numerous Arizona and National awards. She served as a member of the SUSD School Board and as one of the original founders of the SHS Scholarship Foundation.

    DELBERT HOUSEHOLDER – As a life-long valley resident, Mr. Householder committed to recognizing young people from the Gila Valley for their achievements. He served on the Graham County Board of Supervisors for several years funding this scholarship by dedicating a percentage of his Supervisor’s salary. Preference is given to those who have not received any other scholarship or financial assistance beyond their family’s resources.

    ELLIOT JENSEN – Elliott Jensen gave his life for his country during World War II. Loren Burrell funded the majority of this scholarship in memory of his 1942 classmate.

    AGNES SMITH KNAPP – The children of Agnes Knapp Smith funded this scholarship in honor of their mother. Mrs. Knapp had grandchildren attend Safford Schools for 30 continuous years. The recipient of this scholarship has taken AP classes, weighted and EAC classes and has been active in NHS with plans to attend a four year university.

    JAN KONOPNICKI – This scholarship has been funded by the Konopnicki family in honor of Jan Konopnicki, who had a love for education. Preference for this scholarship is given to students choosing a career in education.

    VIRGINIA LATTA - This scholarship is funded by Ms. Virginia Latta. She served Safford High School as principal for several years. This scholarship is open to current year SHS graduates with preference given to a student that is the first member of their family to attend college.

    NICOLE and JAROM LUNT. - The Lunts' started this scholarship in 2016 to recognize a SHS graduate that participated in the GIFT program. They recognize the value of occupational programs and render their support through this scholarship.

    - Randa is a 1972 SHS graduate and has served as president since 1995. She is honored to serve as president and enjoys the privilege of working with so many great people who are dedicated to the Foundation. "Where the past and present create a great future for our Bulldogs".

    JONATHON MONZINGO MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - This scholarship is sponsored by Jonathon's parents, Judy and Garry Monzingo. This $500 scholarship is available to a SHS graduate, that has or will soon enlist in any branch of the United States Military. Funds are designated for the enlistee to assist family members traveling for important military events the enlistee participates in. Financial need is consider in the selection. Preference is given to applicants that have already enlisted.

    JUDY MOSER - This scholarship has been funded by the Moser Family in honor of Judy Moser, a wonderful teacher for Safford Schools. Her diligence and caring had a positive impact on hundreds of students. Preference for this scholarship is given to students choosing a career in education.

    LAFE NELSON- Funded by the grand children of Lafe Nelson. Mr. Nelson dedicated his life to education spending most of his career in the SUSD system as superintendent. He cared deeply for his students and staff. Preference for this scholarship is for a student that attended Lafe Nelson School.

    HARVEY & LORETTA OLSEN – Native Nebraskans, Harvey & Loretta Olsen moved to Safford in 1950 and later opened a successful carpet business. The Olsen’s were loving and caring people and named several non-profits as recipients of their estate including the SHS Scholarship Foundation.

    H. D. "HEAVY" OWENS FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP - H. D. HEAVY OWENS was a 1947 SHS graduate and a renowned Safford businessman for over 65 years. Heavy valued education and family. His family has started this scholarship to honor his loving care of family.

    LUISA GALBALDON PERCY – Luisa Galbaldon Percy taught Spanish at SHS in the l930’s. Her family funded this scholarship in recognition of her commitment to education.

    FAYE W. PHILLIPS – Faye Phillips was a 1936 graduate of SHS who funded this scholarship based on her interest in academic achievement. Preference is given to students who are eligible for admission to a college or university with a G.P.A. of 3.0 or better and in need of financial assistance.

    DAVID M. PLAYER – Dave Player was a long time music instructor at SHS. He was loved by his students and known as 'THE BAND MAN'. Students interested in fine arts are preferred recipients of this scholarship.

    MELVIN POWELL – Melvin Powell, an SHS and Gila Jr. College (EAC) alumnus, grew up in Safford attending grammar school in what is now the Safford City Hall. Mr. Powell served his country as part of the famed Bushmasters during WW II and later worked for the Forest Service and Postal Service.

    RUTH POWELL – Ruth Powell served the Safford Schools for many years. She was well known for her volunteer work through out the Community and in 2018 she was recognized as the volunteer of the year. Ruth Powell school on 14th AV. is named in her honor.

    DR. ANITA L. RIDDLE - Dr. Anita Riddle is a 1980 SHS graduate. She was valedictorian and student body president and went on to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University. While working for ExxonMobil, she earned a Master of Engineering Management degree and a Doctor of Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering from Lamar University. She retired from ExxonMobil in 2018. The recipient of this scholarship is a female who has declared engineering as a major.

    JOHN A. "JACK" RIDDLE - This scholarship is in memory of Jack Riddle who was a Mine Superintendent for the Phelps Dodge Safford Mine from 1975-1981. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from the U of Arizona and worked as a mining engineer in Arizona, Mexico and Chile. The recipient of this scholarship is a male who has declared engineering as a major.

    - Ryder Ridgway was a long time Safford resident known for his knowledge of and writings about the history of the Gila Valley. His family funded this scholarship to recognize his many contributions to the valley.

    SHS ALUMNI – Funded through donations made by SHS Alumni.

    DR. JOHN SINCLAIR – Dr. Sinclair led Safford schools as superintendent for several years and was an active member of the Foundation Board. He traveled from Tempe for Board meetings for several years after his retirement.

    SPANISH CLUB - This scholarship is given annually to worth recipients that have actively engaged in Spanish classes and club activities for four years.

    D. B. STAUFFER - Del Stauffer was an icon in the field of Agriculture Education. Over his many years at the helm of the Safford FFA program Mr. Stauffer made a positive impact on hundreds of students. Funded by the Safford FFA and the Stauffer Family, the recipient of this scholarship is an active four year Safford FFA member.

    BONNIE WADDELL – This scholarship honors Bonnie Waddell, the mother of the SHS Foundation’s founding father, Dr. William Waddell.

    WILLIAM & BARBARA WADDELL – This scholarship honors the original founders of the SHS Scholarship Foundation for their vision and contributions.

    CLEO BELL WHITMORE – This scholarship was established in 2018 by friends and family of Cleo focuses on a loving mother of four that carried that love of children to many children as she served as a foster parent for 22 years. She encouraged all to invest in people. Her goal was to encourage other to always strive to do their best without making excuses.

    DONALD R. WILSON – Don Wilson came to Safford in 1945 as a teacher of science and mathematics. In 1948 he became principal, a position he held until 1962 when he was appointed superintendent until his retirement in 1980.

    Other Scholarships:

    DR. WILLIAM WADDELL – This scholarship is given annually to one or more teachers within the Safford Unified School District. Dr. Waddell, a SHS graduate of 1936, was the visionary behind forming the SHS Scholarship Foundation and funded this scholarship.

    GRAHAM COUNTY TRANSITION TEAM – Funds for this scholarship are being raised by individuals interested in assisting students with special needs continue their education and transition from school to the work force.

    The following funds are not completed so no scholarships are awarded at this time. When these funds reach our prescribed funding level, we will award scholarships from them.

    DONALD HOPKINS – Donald Hopkins, a 1972 SHS graduate, has served the SHS Scholarship Foundation for years. His expertise with financial and investment matters are invaluable to the Foundation. He started this fund out of his interest in providing young people the opportunity to better themselves.

    CLASS OF 1977 – Members of the SHS Class of 1977 are contributing Funds for this scholarship.

    CLASS OF 1979 - Members of the SHS Class of 1979 are contributing funds for this scholarship.

    ADDIE M.LINDSEY - LINDSEY FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP - Addie M. Lindsey graduated from high school in Oklahoma at the age of 14. After she and her husband moved to Safford they operated a few businesses prior to opening Lindsey Creamery. The company served the Gila Valley and was later run by her son Randall and then by her grandchildren.

    ALTON MONTIERTH - This scholarship has been started by the family of Mr. Montierth as a memorial to his service to youth. Mr. Montierth taught in Safford schools for decades.

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