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Mrs. Rhonda Sears
Special Education Teacher
Room: SMS_307
Phone: 928-348-7040 ext. 4307
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Unpublished at teacher's request 7:15-7:40 Morning Hours
11:55-12:27 Lunch Hours
12:30-1:27 Planning Hours
2:58-3:30 After School

Welcome to the home page of Rhonda Sears

My name is Rhonda Sears. I am an alumni of Safford High School; graduating many years ago!! I am a true Bulldog in every sense of the word! My blood really does run BLUE!! This is the beginning of my 36th year as a teacher in Safford School District. I have taught a total of 35 years altogether. I spent years teaching Resource Education, 2 1/2 of those years at Duncan High School. I have also spent 16 years at Safford High School, as well as 2 years at Lafe Nelson. At SMS I have taught Government, Vocational Technology,8th Grade English,and currently teaching Resource Education.
I have coached Tennis at SHS at various times for a total of 18 years. I have been involved with Volleyball at various capacities, and currently coach at SHS their JV team.
I graduated from Eastern Arizona College with an AA degree in General Education. I graduated from Northern Az. University with a Bachelors degree in Special Education and Elementary Education. I received my Masters degree from Northern Az. University in Special Education. It is wonderful to come back and be a part of a school district in which I received all of my education. I am highly qualified in English and Special Education.
I am married and have 2 children. My husband David is a truck driver and has a business as a Pesticide Consultant for local farmers. He too is a Safford High School alumni as well. My son Bryan graduated from University of Arizona with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. But, along the way he decided to become a Pharmacist. After graduating from UofA with his Doctorate in Pharmacy; he took a job in VanCouver, Washington.. My daughter Brittany graduated from EAC and just received her BA in Criminal Justice Administration from NAU and is employed at Safford FCI.
Both of my children are alumni from SHS and were very involved in activities. You will find me at most Middle School and High School events. My husband and I support most activities and are huge fans of all sports.
I look forward to working with your child this year! Please feel free to call me at anytime. I will return your call.

Respectively yours,
Rhonda Sears

Student Assignments
Students have assignments daily in my class. Much of it is completed during the class period. There are times that homework will go home. Please check with your son/daughet for homework assigned. When students show up with no homework, they are given an opportunity to stay at lunch or after school to complete the assignment.
Please call me if you have any questions.

Students have a spelling and vocabulary list weekly. They are given the words on Monday and are tested on the words every Friday. Please spend some time on Thursday evening going over the words with your son/daughter.
There are 4 quarter writing benchmarks that the students will be responsible for. There will be several activities throughout each quarter preparing students for their major writing assignment. There will be some writing that will go home on a regular basis. Encourage your student to edit and revise each writing piece.
Students will be taking formatives throughout each quarter. These formatives are based on standards that are taught each week. These formatives will help prepare the students for the quarterly reading benchmarks they must take. These formatives are done in class and not taken home.
Weekly Lesson Plans
I will post my lesson plans each week. Please use these plans to get a tentative idea of what your child will be covering in my class each week. Please keep in mind that depending on any interruptions, these lesson plans might slightly change. We will need to stay flexible. These lesson plans will also help parents/students who have been absent to know what they have missed.
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